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The Guardians/Descendants/Pledgers of God.

Angelic Beings

  • GOD (Creator of The Heavens, Hell, Angels & Humanoid DNA.)
  • Arch-Angels (Bypass of God; The Celestial attendance of GOD.)
  • Elders - (Bypass of Arch-Angels; Sub-Leaders of the Angelic Community; Guides/Guardians of all existence.)
  • Whitelighters - (Bypass of the Elders; Guides/Guardians of their charges.)
  • Collectors - (Bypass of the Whitelighters; Guardians who lesser memories/magic of those abusing it.)
  • Cleaners - (Bypass of the Whitelighters; Guardians of magical/supernatural existence away from the innocence.)
  • Charmed Witches - (Bypass of the Elders; Scrying Witches & Viewers of the Whitelighters & Elders.)
  • Guardian Angels - (Bypass of the Elders; Guardians of specific individuals.)
  • Wizards - (Bypass of the Elders; Beings who have strength & vast knowledge of objects & power.)
  • Zodiacs - (Bypass of the Wizards; Guardians of supernatural objects & power.)
  • Empaths - (Bypass of the Arch-Angels; Beings with full extent of Empathic traits.)
  • Cupids - (Bypass of the Whitelighters & Empaths; Beings with some extent of Empathic traits and love intuition.)
  • Detecter - (Bypass of the Arch-Angels; Beings who protect the innocence & the afterlife.)
  • Muses - (Bypass of the Detecters; Guardians of humans & nature.)
  • Preventers - (Bypass of the Detecters; Beings who intents to prevent evil/bad outcomes to happen.)
  • Oracles - (Bypass of the Arch-Angels; Beings who foresee all types of future events to help guide humans' way of life.)
  • Markers - (Bypass of the Oracles; Beings who protect/ensure the destiny of others.)


- Note: All types of angelic beings are enable to using Magic/spells.
- Note: All types of angelic beings are now enable to Silence (transporting aspect only)'''''.

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