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The Devourers/Sorcerers/Descesdants of the Devil!

Demonic Beings

  • Antichrist - (Bypass of Lucifer; Lucifer's strongest beings, reaching levels of omnipotency)
  • Sources - (Bypass of the Antichrist; Evil/Ruthless Dictators of Existence.)
  • The Celerity - (Bypass of the Sources; Accelerated beings who absorb Guardian Angels.)
  • Absorbers - (Bypass of The Celerity; Beings who absorb all kinds of knowledge & power.)
  • The Triad - (Bypass of the Sources; Councilmen/High Prioritized Management of Sources.)
  • Warlocks - (Bypass of The Triad; High Classed Agents of Evil & Counterparts of Witches.)
  • Darklighters - (Bypass of the Sources; Counteractive Beings of Whitelighters.)
  • Trackers - (Bypass of the Darklighters; Agents who track down Angelic scent & powers.)
  • Cursers - (Bypass of the Darklighters; Demons who possess Angelic Beings & plant dark magic to the innocence.)
  • Seekers - (Bypass of the Sources; Agents that acquire supernatural objects/power away from the Angelic Community.)
  • Horsemen - (Bypass of the Lucifer; Coordinate existence in a logical cycle)
  • War (Red Horseman)
  • Famine (Black Horseman)
  • Death (Green Horseman)
  • Pestilence (White Horseman)

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