The Three Strongest Families on Earth!


The "Royal Families Crest"


The "Royal Symbol"

Vampire Species

  • Castles/Nelsons (Olympian): They are innate Vampires that generate lots of Solar energy to fuel their appetite and their appearance seems to not change much; just their eyes are Green, their skin does not alter under sunlight and some of their hair alters to light red. (Note: When Olympian Vampires feed on animal blood, their eyes alter to Golden yellow and their skin becomes pale just like the Volturian Vampires)
  • Grullons/Bells (Volturian): They are innate Vampires that need to fuel their appetite with blood and garlic. Their appearance has a significance on them due to their pale and granite skin, skin alteration when exposed to sunlight and red eyes. (Note: When Volturian Vampires do not feed of blood, their eyes alter to Golden yellow in due time; Garlic helps retain the eyes red but they'll stand weaker than the vampires that consumed human blood)
  • Wilmers/Halliwells (Amazonian): They are partially innate Vampires that need the essence of the moon to fuel their appetite. Their appearance seem to be similar to both the Olympian and Volturian Vampires; they have the pale & granite skin, their exposure to the moon replenishes them instead of the sun (counteracting the Olympians), their eyes are purple and their colder than all other Vampires. (Note: Amazonian Vampires come from their Hybridized DNA, meaning that they can morph into Vampiric animals and creatures and perform certain feats other Vampires can't due their DNA being attached to other species such as Werewolves, Persians and more!)

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